Executive Paralegal

Mrs. Champion is a seasoned trial paralegal with a decade of both civil and criminal law experience under her belt.  Mrs. Champion began her career in the fast paced area of criminal defense before transitioning over into personal injury law in 2012.  She is a tireless worker, unselfish, and has proven to be a valuable asset at Lawhorn & Malouf, PLLC.  Encouraged for years to pursue a career as a lawyer, Mrs. Champion continues to be the senior staff paralegal and docket manager for both the firm's criminal and personal injury docket.  Having someone of Mrs. Champion's skill is a supreme luxury at trial. Chelsie is just short of having ultimate say so on quoting cases, evaluating a solid case, and determining recovery-- based on a few minutes of conversation with her team.  That said, not a single staff attorney would question her input on a case of significance.  She is truly one of us.  If you have a case with Mr. Lawhorn or Mr. Malouf, chances are, Mrs. Champion is heavily involved in your case as well.